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Birthdate:May 20
I live in Ontario with my partner of 14 years, melted_snowball.

I come from New York State- my parents lived in Brooklyn when I was born, but we moved to Northern New York to a Maple Syrup farm when I was 5.

For 8 years, home was Ithaca, New York. I got a BS in Communications at Cornell, landed with a rabble-rousing Quaker crowd, fell in love, and started working for myself as an independent perl programmer and linux admin.

We lived in Boston for a year, while melted_snowball worked on the Human Genome Project and I was a contract programmer at a drug discovery company.

We moved to Canuckistan at the end of August '01, and 11 days later, the world changed forever. It is, and was, difficult watching the US from outside; becoming an expatriate right then felt a bit like running away, but at the same time it was the right choice for us.

I became a Canadian permanent resident in 2004 and a (dual) citizen in 2007.

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