Yesterday, I woke up a bit early, determined that Snowpocalypse had not closed our university, got ready for work and spent some time with d., who was leaving for a conference [1], hiked through the snow to the nearest express bus, with a quick detour to pick up a chunk of smoked salmon for my breakfast bagels, just caught the bus, and made it to work in excellent time.

At which point I discovered that the salmon, which I had already noticed smelling awesome, also transferred some of that awesome smell to my gloves and the coat-pocket I had briefly put the salmon bag into.

Which happened to also contain my gym shorts, because on Wednesday I had a physio appointment and she wanted me to wear shorts.

And after work, I bussed downtown to the Art Gallery, which was hosting a Groundhog Day party [2], and in answering email from someone suggesting I pack earplugs for Thursday night's concert, I was pleased to reply that I did have earplugs on me; in fact they were in the pocket containing the smoked salmon, not the pocket with my gym shorts (as I had put the salmon in the other pocket, while I was putting on my gloves).

[1] in Florida, and I'm happy he made it, because it would be awful and ironic to miss a February trip to Florida because of a snowstorm. [3]

[2] Have you ever gone to a Groundhog Day party? Me neither, figured I would check it out. Plus, catered reception, and free visit to the art gallery, which I hadn't visited in a few years.

[3] even a work trip.

Just curious...

Friday, 18 July 2008 01:20 pm
Apropos lunch today with [ profile] melted_snowball and [ profile] dawn_guy, who are both old-skool enough to warrant the question:

if you mis-read Tex-mex as TeX-mex, does that turn it into a typesetting battle-droid?

I don't know either, but maybe it has something to do with the griddle baby cabbage.
Last night I had a Quaker committee meeting. I carpooled with J., who lives in Waterloo. When we were getting off the highway at the south end of town, there was a sobriety checkpoint. I've never actually been in the car when one of these has happened (well, I was once stopped by a police-person in Ithaca, but that wasn't a checkpoint). The general model is certainly one I understand, but...

What I thought the policeman said:

P: Good evening. This is a sobriety checkpoint to find out have you had any drinks tonight.
D: OK.
P: ...

What actually happened:

P: Good evening. This is a sobriety checkpoint. Have you had any drinks tonight?
D: OK.
P: ...

P: Have you had any drinks tonight?
D: No.
P: Thank you, have a good evening.

See, with ambient noise, I didn't quite catch the middle part- and I heard a downward inflection at the end of his statement. It sounded authoritative and preambleish, but not questioning.

And I guess that's the difference between getting stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and getting stopped at a sobriety checkpoint; I had the sense to not continue the conversation and tell him he sounded too preamblish.
My CD order from Amazon arrived this morning. I went home for lunch with [ profile] melted_snowball, and headed back to work with the first two discs on my mp3 player.

Right now I'm enjoying an excellent extended version of Tears for Fears' Shout. 3 for 3 great songs so far, and it's not even the disc I was most excited about getting. Yay, new music.

..Being happy about my music showing up four days after I paid for it, on plastic discs, feels like it should be quaint.

What's a "CD"?

That was how they stored music, when plastic was cheap. A CD stored about an hour's worth of music in an uncompressed digital format. As wasteful as that was, it was the first and last popular digital music format that had 100% player compatibility. The playlist was hard-coded by the vendor, and they usually put them in plastic cases for some reason, even though those often broke.

What's "Amazon"?

The first and last company to be wildly successful at physically shipping media ordered over the Internet. It gradually branched into sundries like batteries, deodorant, and clothing, merged with FedExKinkosWalMart in 2008, then collapsed shortly after the shipping crash in 2012.

(no subject)

Monday, 8 January 2007 09:37 pm
[ profile] melted_snowball still isn't feeling so hot. But he's enjoying his kir. I just mused that maybe it would help. Y'know, the kir for the common...

Muse on BlaK

Wednesday, 15 November 2006 09:37 pm
Forgot to post: when we were in Toronto this weekend, they were handing out sample bottles of Coke's new awful coffee-infused drink. I tried it, and tried to like it, but... no, it was too artificial, and too pointless. BleK.

I was inspired to follow [ profile] melted_snowball's BlaK-ku this evening... by remembering the eternal words of the great poet, WilliãM BlãK:

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Drink BlaK in the evening. Stay up at night.

Aztec Ipod

Saturday, 28 October 2006 04:02 pm

Aztec Ipod
Originally uploaded by da_.

Originally uploaded by da_.

The Google map of Medicine Hat Alberta was pointed out to me by [ profile] emaki. [and he's pointed me at As It Happens/CBC's discussion of the Dirt Dude (or Dudette). Rock!]

The Pitch

Thursday, 17 August 2006 10:49 am

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 07:52:55 -0500
From: Peter Butler <kxj@eyelovemuff.somewhere>
To: cs-everybody@work
Subject: diet

You are so breezy and Western and uninhibited.
Then, shatteringly, came the embarrassment in the hall. I could not
conceivably be scared by you or anybody else!

Pitched to: The BBC.

The Title: Tehran Confidential

The Premise: Sitcom based in an Iranian high-school. In the first episode, two juniors in love, Seyyed and Debbie, battle their parents, teachers, and overly sanctimonious classmates to find time alone together. Then comes the shocker: Debbie is really in love with Hassan, a senior! Seyyed pours his heart out in the finale, and onlooking classmates realize how much they have to learn.

Extra points for westernisms the audience doesn't notice but anyone from Iran would find ludicrous, à la Memoirs of a Gaisha. Super-bonus for the number of Americans who foam at the mouth thinking it's too sympathetic and try to boycott Britian. Triple bonus if the series lasts until Hassan comes out as gay.

Hell... I'm in Hell...

Tuesday, 30 May 2006 09:57 pm
Hell... I'm in Hell...

I'm stuck in Las Vegas airport, 9:30-11:15pm. It's smoky, and it sounds like a casino, all the way down to the agents hawking US Airways credit-cards adopting a casino drawl. That photo? Yes, those are slot machines. They're scattered all over the place.

There's free wifi, which is great, but ssh ports are blocked so I can't hang out with my IRC crew. I knew I shoulda set up that port-reforwarding scheme at home.

Dan was great; he drove me to the airport and took care of the rental car himself, which meant he had to deal with a fairly long trip home. My flight was early enough that we couldn't have dinner together, which sort of sucked, but instead we went for ice-cream in the afternoon. The day as a whole was... pretty laid back. Both d. and I were exhausted, I suppose from the sun during the weekend. So we lounged. :)

From this weekend: things we think should exist: a skit, based on a new homeowner at the bookstore (preferably a big chain). She's looking for "The Not So Small House" to help her figure out how to furnish her new mansion. ...She knows she heard of that book somewhere...

Also, a nature song: "Can't You Hear Don't You Fear the Ribbit of the Night".

Ugh. I gotta get out of this cigarette smoke.
Rover likes sword fights. Who'd have known?

Cous-cous Oops...

Thursday, 23 March 2006 07:32 pm
Where's my cous-cous from last night? Oh well, I'll have the other left-overs. *opens microwave*

Oh, there's my cous-cous. *frown*

Not that it matters a huge lot, but I'm curious who among people on my f-list would put it in the fridge, and who would put it straight in the garbage/compost, seeing as how: "it's just a grain, not far from bread" vs "it's been out for approximately 20 hours."

I've turned comment-screening on to protect anybody shy about their answer. :)

I am curious.

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