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The good news: the world's most trivial poltergeist is no longer haunting our clock.

The bad news: it has lept to the garage-door opener.

When the door fails to go all the way down, it has an auto-reverse that opens the door back up and flashes the ceiling-light at about 3 times a second forever until we happen to go check on it. Which is oh so fun when we come home from an evening out and our garage is a disco inferno without the inferno (or the disco really, just the strobe).

This thing is supposed to be adjustable, and I think I even adjusted the tension once so it wouldn't *always* think it was hitting a small child / car when in fact it was hitting the ground. But, roughly a week and a half ago, it started frequently re-opening quite some time after the door was closed, and usually when we were out.

Which, if you think about it, is a superb neighbourhood announcement, "Hey! The house is open, just come on in! But knock first, and if anyone answers, say the garage is flashing, and they'll thank you for your trouble!" That is, if we don't remember to lock the garage door.

So, tomorrow's project is to remember where that tensioner is, but not right now, because d's sleeping the sleep of the recently-returned-from-Germany.

If it isn't the poltergeist, I also hope that the problem isn't that our driveway's gotten more buckled, since replacing the driveway sounds both expensive and a pain this time of the year.
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