Saturday, 20 May 2006


Saturday, 20 May 2006 10:57 pm
Today was a fine day.

Last night late, just as I was getting ready for sleep I discovered eight stupendously well-thought responses on my post on the subject of niceness. I'm still digesting those; if I haven't responded to you yet, please accept my thanks now for giving me good stuff chew on.

I made it to the Farmer's Market this morning in plenty of time to shop and have my apple fritters (they gave me a freebie! And I didn't even tell them it was my birthday.) I was sneaky and successfully ran into [ profile] lovecraftienne, [ profile] kourtneyshort, [ profile] joymoose, and [ profile] hippybngstockng, [ profile] uniquecrash5, and their cute kid K.

In addition to conversation, shopping and such I also had some multi-culti bliss watching lots of little old ladies speaking Polish/ Russian/ Chinese/ Portuguese.

At [ profile] kourtneyshort's generous invite, I went to The Brick for a beer-tasting avec elle et la multitalented [ profile] joymoose, as well as to meet [ profile] wefightforpie & a diminutive [ profile] wefightfortarts. Good times. The server was quite helpful; coming to our table to repeatedly fill glasses with free local beer. Kourtney brought a yummy dip and veggies, and I brought some bagel-chunks, and someone brought some chips, to complete a carbohydrate-heavy lunch.

I collected birthday wishes on the phone from my sweetie and my parents.

I collected flowers and other plants from our next-door neighbour's yard, because the new owner's going to bulldoze the remains and turn it into grass. Yes, that's sad. But I think Marion would've been happy that her flowers were going to all of her neighbours' yards, even if we won't be as good at gardening as she, when she was alive. But someone else took the flowers [ profile] tbiedl pointed out to me the other afternoon. Rats. And... I planted everything.

I was going to pan-roast some duck for dinner, but my parents called back and by the time I finished talking with them, I was more in the mood for leftovers. Tomorrow!

Speaking of which, it is tomorrow. Time for bed.

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